Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dating 101: Find Out if He is Married!

Ummmm first off hello guys and gals!

So, I just wanted to add my two cents and comment about that ratchet reality show called Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta.

I just caught up on some past episodes that I had recorded on my DVR. To my surprise, the chick who I thought had more sense than most on the show (MiMi), turned out to be a damn do do bird to say the least.

The story is that she has been dating and having sex with a dude (Nikko) for about a year…and she just found out he is married?? I’m sorry…WHAAATTTT!! Dating 101…when you first meet a person and go out on a date with the person ask questions! Normally between the first moment you meet until the first long phone conversation there are a multitude of questions that should be asked about your new found friend. I get that it is TV, reality tv to be exact and so they do what they do to get ratings, boost drama and scandal.

However, MIMI claims she did not know he was married. On top of it all she still questioned the fact that Nikko..the dude in question, was actually responsible for leaking the sex tape that was so widely publicized. Whether real life or show…she made herself look like a plum fool. I used to like her as I thought from past episodes she appeared to have her head on straight when it came to these losers..but as we can see…looks can be deceiving.

Rule #1 - Get to know your partner in the beginning. I understand some people lie about themselves and who they are/were. However, check the signs, clues and red flags about folks before you sleep with them.
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