Saturday, May 24, 2014

Get Your Life... Back!!

Hello ladies and gents!! I have had a rough two months with the passing of my Uncle no thanks to pancreatic cancer!! YUCK! However, I am back in full effect and have realized that life is too short to BS around. So I started to re-evaluate myself and my lifestyle and decided to make some much needed changes.

The pic above is what I have at my job on the walls of my cubicle. Yeah I know I have that "Being Mary Jane" thing going However, this allows me to keep my goals in front of me and to stay focused. Also, I can say hello everyday to my favorite Uncle in the whole wide world.

Other changes I've made include working out more and taking better care of my body. I pre-cook my meals for a couple of days at a time so that I will not be tempted to eat fast food. I have given away a bunch of junk and junk food that was in my pantry and fridge and bought a NutriBullet and began The Daniel Plan.

I've focused more time on my businesses and business building skills, my goals and aspirations and my overall self worth. I am studying to become a certified relationship and life coach. I am also studying Cybersecurity as well. I have a lot of things in the making that I am focusing on including becoming a better investor, wife, and soon to be mother (wishful thinking of course) LOL. I have also started a spiritual journey and let the old me go left and the new me continue on the right path.

My overall realization of life is a question I continue to ask myself..."When you die how will people remember you?" Folks had sooo many nice things to say about my Uncle and how he always laughed, told funny jokes and continuously made others smile. I only wish that my life story make people feel good about who I am/was in the end.

The sad part is that you never know when it will be your time to go. He went into the hospital for back pain towards the end of February and died two months later. So... make the most of your life..have fun and enjoy life to the best of your ability and to its fullest potential. Spend time with your family and those you love and who loves you. Ultimately, when it is your time to be called to heaven, you will have NO REGRETS! Trust me, I am on that path of discovery as we speak.

Until next time,

Hugs & Kisses,

The Love Mistress :-)