Friday, June 21, 2013

I Love My Husband!

Hey guys and gals,

I have been meaning to type this update since Monday but have been so busy.  Let me explain the subject: I Love My Husband!

So, Mr. C was off of work on Monday and I thought he was going to spend time chillin, playing his game Call of Duty.  Low and behold and to my utter surprise when I came home, he had cleaned the house and cooked dinner.  You guys do not understand, this man has come a looooonnnnggg way and is far from perfect.  But he knew I had a crazy, stressful day at work and he spent time to cook and clean on his day off????  When I walked in to the candles, a glass of 22 Marquis and music...the house was smelling jaw just hit the floor. That right there was just sooooo awesome to me. guys may have some hubbys, boyfriends, and lovers who are just that way.  However, mine is normally not like that and most times I have to tell him what I would like for him to do. NOT THIS TIME!!!!

So yes...I love my husband! LOL

P.S.  I changed my blog from Date Nites w/ Lady Love to Married Life w/ Lady Love due to the fact that I have/had more topics to talk about than just dates so I just wanted to combine the two for a better blogging experience, plus the fact that when me and the hubby get a chance to hang is not always a one on one datenite so I can share our experiences either way.  Hope you guys are ok with the change and I will try to update the blog at least once a week, depending on how busy I am.

Thanks for following my life, love ya!

Hugs & Kisses :-)

Lady Love

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Romantic Datenite at Home!

Hello guys and gals!

Soooo datenite started off a little rocky.  The hubster did not feel like going out so he opted for his favorite pizza and wings.  I ordered chicken pizza from Ledo's Pizza and picked up some drinks (I sipped cabernet, my fav and he sipped on Jack Daniels, his fav) I set the scene for us to have a romantic evening which was to start at 8:00pm.

It started off rocky because it took a minute for him to get OFF his damn playstation console playing that damn game Call of Duty We did not actually start until about 8:30pm. We ordered the movie, "Silver Linings Playbook,and we proceeded to sip and eat.  We NEVER watched the movie because we talked most of the night about everything under the sun, which was nice.  I have known Mr. C. for 16 years and yet, we still seem to converse about everything...LOL.  Needless to say, we never saw the damn movie that we paid for via on demand. LOL. 

We eventually proceeded to play the boardgame "Battle of the Sexes". However, it was a little boring and I felt that it was the type of game you play with a crowd of guys and gals. So we ditched it, continued to talk with my little yorkie Chloe chillin with us. We basically had a nice romantic evening without sex unfortunately due to.....well you know what women go through monthly...but overall we had a great time. 

Soooo ladies and gents...a typical romantic movie datenite at home.