Friday, January 16, 2015

Why Text Arguing Works...For Me!

Evening ladies and gents!!

So here is the and hubby started beefin over something stupid. Well he was anyway. My phone kept binging while he was getting dressed for work and he kept looking at me strangely. He made a snide comment saying "Tell Jodie I said hi" know the line from the movie Baby So apparently, he thought another guy was texting my phone. Where in the hell he got that from...I do NOT know!! Anyhoo, I went to bed only to receive 9 missed calls on my phone from the hubster asking where I was. "I am sleep dear!!" I reply. Then the "text wars" started. After a little back and forth...the air was clear and he was a little jealous because of the notifications I was receiving on my phone due to the games I was playing with my sister, mom, and aunt. Every time they completed a puzzle, my phone would bing letting me know it was my turn to play.

So here is why text arguing actually get your point across!! Yep that's right! Instead of having a verbal argument where you both can barely get your point across because one person's voice may boom louder than the other...or you get so pissed and you hang up or get hung up on. Which does not solve anything. You can text how you feel and have the same conversation. It may not solve the problem right away, but it prevents or helps simmer verbal or heated arguments.

Texting your issues have become the new norm for some folks, including myself, because although anger may are not yelling and screaming at each other and although text messages can be lengthy, each person is able to understand where the other is coming from. It's funny though, the hubster and I have had text arguments while not speaking to each other in the same house in different rooms...sounds a little immature I know. But, sometimes you are so mad at a person about something, you  just don't want to talk. So I TEXT IT!!! LOL

And that's my two cents...

Disclaimer: Please do not text and drive. Wait until you are at your destination. Look out for the safety of others as you do not want to be responsible for an accident that could potentially cause harm or even death to a person.

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Until next time...

"Life is about choices, enjoy life and choose your destiny!"
Lady Elle

Happy New Year....ummm Late!! :-)

Happy New Year champs and chicas!!!

I hate New Year's resolutions because they aint ish and they don't last!! How many of you can truly, truly say that you actually went through and completed one resolution to the end of January..ok maybe February? Hmmmm any hands??? Hell NO...because they aint ish!!! LOL

I'm not making resolutions, I'm making constitutions and decisions. I WANT...WOULD LIKE TO vow to do a lot of things better...but the reality of the situation is you can make a huge list of things to do and complete and as soon as January 1st roll start it off with a hang over..LOL..then you say well damn I'm still on vacation from the holidays so I will start it on that Monday when I return to normal life (Work, school, etc.) Then...that comes around and there tends to be one excuse after another.

Saying all this to say...let's make this year fun and exiting! Live each day to the fullest! Love yourself more than ever! And...take one goal at a time and work on it until it is complete! BABY STEPS BABIES!!!!! :-)

Just be YOU...if folks don't like YOU...F&%$ em!!

And that's my two cents...

"Life is about choices, enjoy life and choose your destiny!"

Lady Elle