Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Boat Ride @ The National Harbor

Hello gals and guys!  So this post is a little late but I'm doing it anyway..sue me!!! :-)

So a couple of weekends ago the hubby and I met my bestie and some fam and friends at the National Harbor Docks to jump on the boat and celebrate my girl's birthday on the water all day. We had a wonderful time.  Although the sun was out in full force and it was hot, we still partied on the water eating crabs, clams, oysters, shrimp, and some popeyes chicken. lol.. We were sippin on beers, wine and strawberitas. Our music was as loud as everyone else's who were partying on the water. WE HAD A BLAST!!  But guess what...the whole time, me and the hubby were not speaking! :-( He was mad at me because he had previously said that my girlfriend's mom's boat was small and because I talk with no filter and I admit sometimes I do need to think before I open my mouth, I told him in front of everyone that the boat wasn't that small.  Especially if 10 of us were able to fit comfortably on the boat.  He got in his feelings about that because he said that I did not have to say that in front of everybody.  After spending about 8 hours on the water without communicating with him, he finally started talking to me once it was time to leave.  How sensitive are you dude??? or were you as this was a couple of weekends  I felt like maybe he was on his period or  Sometimes men are a little more emotional than we are. Anywhoo...I don't like to fight but I will not be the first to apologize for something I thought was not that bad. Get a CLUE dude!!!!